October 25, 2011

TDD and Simplicity

Oh, I didn’t write tests for that. It’s too hard to test. Heard that before? I’ve made this argument myself in the past, but it’s only recently that I’ve figured out precisely why it’s a stupid argument. On the surface, and in context, it can seem reasonable. The code in question is often either interacting with the OS via system calls, or is involved in multi-process coordination, os else involves fiddly thread interaction. Read more

October 21, 2011

Log Level Rationale

Ruby’s Logger class, and the ruby logging ecosystem in general, has grown up with 5 standard log levels: FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO and DEBUG. There are no generally accepted guidelines for how these should be used, other than that those “high” on the list should be used in “more serious” situations than those lower down. This is not detailed enough for a useful policy. Better guidelines would mean that your logs would become more predictable and more useful. Read more

October 18, 2011

Hosting Octopress on BigV

Octopress is a very fun little blogging platform. As you can see, it’s what I’m using here. It’s a static site generator with enough bells and whistles to keep me happy, but which doesn’t get in the way. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point of this post was to demonstrate how I went about provisioning this server. It’s hard to imagine anything simpler. First: I needed a server. I’ve been working on BigV, so it seemed appropriate to use a BigV vm as a host. Read more

October 18, 2011

Duplication considered... OK, actually

When writing a test, sometimes the only way to initially write the test is by duplicating the implementation code in the test to assert that the expected value is returned. This can happen for a number of reasons, but often arises because you are trying to test what is being performed, rather than how it’s being done, especially where the details of what’s being done are complicated and out of your control. Read more

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